Recommended Reading List

Here is a list of rabbit books that I would highly recommend. Obviously its always best to buy the most up to date edition, but the older versions can often be very helpful and much cheaper.

Rabbit Veterinary Textbooks

Textbook of Rabbit Medicine:

2nd edition by Molly Varga 2013

1st edition by Francis Harcourt-Brown 2001


BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine – 2nd edition by Anna Meridith & Brigitte Lord 2014


BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Surgery, Dentistry and Imaging – by Frances Harcourt-Brown & John Chitty 2013


BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine and Surgery:

2nd edition by Anna Meredith 2006

1st edition by Paul Flecknell 2000


Notes on Internal Rabbit Medicine – by Richard Saunders & Ron Rees Davies 2005


General Rabbit Books

Are rabbits the right pet for you? – by Emma Milne 2015


Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care – by Marit Emilie Buseth & Richard Saunders 2014


Rabbits and Hares – by Anne McBride 2003


Why Does My Rabbit – by Anne McBride 2000


The Relaxed Rabbit – by Chandra Moira Beal 2004


Understanding Your Rabbits Habits – by Tamsin Stone 2011


Bonding Rabbits – by Fiona Campbell


Wild Nutrition – by Eileen Walthall
(email [email protected] to order)


Foraging for Rabbits – by Twigs Way


On The Hop – by RWAF (a must have for everyone interested in rabbits)


Outdated Books

These books are still in general circulation but much of the information is very outdated. They are highlighted here as you may still be using them but its advised to upgrade to a more recent publication.

Rabbitlopaedia – by Meg Brown & Virginia Richardson 2000

Rabbits Health, Husbandry & Diseases – by Virginia Richardson 2000

Rabbits for Dummies – by Connie Isbell 2009

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  1. mossbinky says:

    thank you for a REALLY good list. those first two in particular by molly and the bsava,

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